Lagrummet.se is a portal for Swedish public administration legal information. In lagrummet.se you will find legal information from:

  • The Government
  • Riksdagen (The Swedish Parliament)
  • Higher courts
  • Government agencies.

You can also find a number of international sources of information. Each agency is responsible for the content of legal information they provide, and how it is published on the Internet. We answer general questions about the portal via e-mail. Questions regarding the content of legal documents are answered directly by the issuing agency.

Contact: redaktionen[at]lagrummet.se

More information

On the Governments English language website you will find an introduction to the Swedish legal system.
Introduction to the Swedish legal system

The Swedish National Courts Administration is the publisher of lagrummet.se

The Swedish National Courts Administration is responsible for the publication of lagrummet.se.

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